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I'm trying to setup my gdbinit to make gdb automatically attach to a certain program on a remote machine.

My script is something like:

define hook-run
  target extended-remote | ssh -T remotemachine gdbserver --multi -
  attach $pid
  ... <additional complicated stuff here>

My problem, of course, is that I'm missing $pid. I can find it by running ssh remotemachine ps | grep myprogram, but I'm not sure how to run that from within the gdb script and assign it into that $pid variable. How can I do that? I'm guessing I'm going to need some Python here...

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I can find it by running ssh remotemachine ps | grep myprogram

I believe your choices are

  1. use Python, or
  2. escape to shell

For (2) you can use something like:

define hook-run
  shell gen-remote-run.sh > .remote-cmd.gdb
  source .remote-cmd.gdb

and put all the "magic" of figuring out remote PID into gen-remote-run.sh

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Thanks, I made my script generate a file containing attach <number> where <number> is already the calculated PID, and it worked. –  Oak Oct 11 '12 at 8:22

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