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The scenario I have is: I want to test multiple URLs from a json config file. And each URL has multiple resources which I then have to check have loaded in the page, and have javascript variables i want to check are present and what they equal (I have been using methods like 'onResourceRequested' and 'evaluate' to achieve this with some success).

The issue I am having is with the onLoadFinished seems to be called multiple times per page, and worse is called before the page is completely finished (e.g. external resources are still being loaded). In an attempt to solve this I have written many setInterval loops (e.g. loop will keep testing for the resource for 20 seconds and only then assume it has failed). However, it's really messy and the results are unpredictable at best (the onLoadFinished coming back multiple times for each request, for example).

Another problem seems to be that the cache and cookies sometimes seem to persist between the pages.

Since I am new to async/event loop programming, I assume I am missing something obvious. Does anyone have any better way of handling scenarios like this?

My alternative is going to be to write a PHP script that executes a phantom script on a per request basis (which would only necessitate a single interval loop in the phantom script to wait for the page to really finish). The obvious downsides are that it seems a bit excessive, and I wont benefit from being able to execute multiple request simultaneously.

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Sounds like you're looping through the URLs more/less simultaneously -- but without seeing the code, I'm making an assumption there. Does it work if you give the script only one? In my own experiments, I've found that these kinds of lists need to be handled recursively (as opposed to in a forEach). Also: yes (again: in my experiments), the cached files persist across loaded pages within a single PhantomJS process. –  founddrama Dec 11 '12 at 1:59

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