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Issue: Changing Source element of HTML5 Video through JQuery throws error in IE9

This is my JQury function to change the video source:

var hdswipe = function(){
                var currVid, currExt, currVidName, currQuality, i, tempExt;
                currVid = $hdVideo[0].currentSrc;
                currExt = currVid.substr(currVid.lastIndexOf('.') + 1);

                for(i=0; i<videoAttr.quality.length; i++) //Get current video quality
                    if(currVid == videoAttr.src[i])

                for(i=0; i<videoAttr.quality.length; i++) //Swipe the Video
                    tempExt = videoAttr.src[i].substr(videoAttr.src[i].lastIndexOf('.') + 1);
                    if((currExt==tempExt)&&(currQuality!= videoAttr.quality[i]))
                        $hdVideo.attr('src', videoAttr.src[i]);
                if(currQuality == "sd")
               return false;

Error message comes in IE9, when this line get executed:

$hdVideo.attr('src', videoAttr.src[i]); 

The Error message is some thing stupid and that is:

Undefined Function in: $hdVideo.attr('buffered').end(0);

But the buffering function works fine since I play the video till the "hdswipe" function get called.

Please solve my problem.

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I guess you should try using this syntax:

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Hey @Armel Larcier, Again it shows the same error. Do u have any other ideas in this issue? – Vel Murugan S Oct 12 '12 at 7:58

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