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I using codeigniter to trying add text in routes.php , What I want to do is add text in config/routes.php, I had update the route.php file to 777 permission, but it was not working.

here is my code

$file_path = "var/www/html/staging/oscar/anthola/application/config/routes.php";
$file_exists = read_file($file_path);
$slug ="123";
if ( ! write_file($file_path, $slug))
     echo 'Unable to write the file';
    echo write_file('./config/routes.php', $slug);
     echo 'File written!';
      echo write_file('./config/routes.php', $slug);

Any idea how to solve my problem?

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Are you sure you want this solution? I'd suggest you to reconsider and instead use the $route['404_override'] = ''; and run this through a controller. The controller can then make decisions based on uri library and database values. Avoid modifying dynamicly php-files, even more one such as route.php since a little generated missplaced sign will shut down your entire website. – Robin Castlin Oct 10 '12 at 10:41
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I agree with Robin's comments, but if this is the route you want to go down then I would recommend adding the following line towards the bottom of your routes.php file:

include_once APPPATH . "cache/routes.php";

This way, you won't be overwriting the default_controller and 404_override routes, but will still be able to add additional routes to your Codeigniter application.

In your controller, you can then just add the following couple of lines

$output = '$route["route"] = "controller/action";';
write_file(APPPATH . "cache/routes.php", $output);

Hope that helps.

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thanks, its help ^^ – Oscar Oct 10 '12 at 12:24

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