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For the first time I have set up a results cache in doctrine 1.24 by applying the following code:

$servers = array(
  'host'       => 'localhost',
  'port'       => 11211,
  'persistent' => true
$cacheDriver = new Doctrine_Cache_Memcache(
    'servers' => $servers,
    'compression' => false
$manager->setAttribute(Doctrine::ATTR_RESULT_CACHE_LIFESPAN, 3600 );

This works great for caching DQL quires such as:

enter code here$q = Doctrine_Query::create()
    ->from('Software s')
    ->leftJoin('s.Files f')

However, What interests me is how do I cache table lookups such as:


These are by far more frequent in my application code. How do I achieve this? Additionally, if anyone has a guide for using memcache with doctrine 1.2 I'd be more then happy.

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You have to implement the


functions in your own xyzTable class.

class xyzTable extends Doctrine_Table 
     public function findOneByStuff($stuff) {
         return $this->createQuery('x')
              ->where('x.stuff = ?', $stuff)


Make sure you enable Table creation in your 'doctrine-cli' script

 $doctrine_config['generate_models_options'] = 
    array('generateTableClasses' => true);

 $cli = new Doctrine_Cli($doctrine_config);
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