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I've run into a safari 6 issue where it blocks third party iframe cookies unless the user has visited the domain outside of the iframe. The only fix seems to be this one here: Safari 3rd party cookie iframe trick no longer working?

But this involves some ugly workarounds (popping open a new browser window and closing again). The preferred solution I would like to take is to encrypt the session id and and append it to all routes as a query parameter. I could then use a before filter to retrieve the session by decrypting the id and loading it from the session store.

So what I can't figure out is if there's a way of appending a query param to all routes without having to edit each link directly? i.e. by adding something to my routes file.

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You can override the link_to helper method to add the parameters to all the Urls. The bolg post below describes it with an example:… – amit_saxena Oct 10 '12 at 11:57
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Override the default url options.

You can do so for your entire application in the application_controller:

def default_url_options(options = {})
  options.merge({ :session_id => request.session_options[:id] })
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