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So, I have the autobuild plugin. But, it is annoying that if there are errors, on each save, the messages box with errors keeps popping up. Yes, I know there are errors. Let me take care of them myself. In between I might save. So, leave me alone.

I save to update the errors in the editor. But, I do not need the messages view for that. I can type ALT + 0 myself.

Is there a way to disable the messages popup or do I have to shoot myself?

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well, if you shoot yourself, the messages will still pop up. So, don't do that – Kirby Jan 19 at 18:28

I know this one is old, but hopefully this will still help somebody:

Current IDEA version have

Settings => Appearance & Behavior => Notifications

You can fine tune what events cause which type of notification or disable balloon notifications completely.

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