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Pardon me if my question looks stupid but I am totally new to Workflow. What I am trying to do is : I have some database hits inside the Workflow Foundation project and some in ASP.NET application. What I am trying to achieve is perform database operations inside Workflow foundation and ASP.NET in the same transaction. Tell me is it possible? I am using linq2sql.

Here is my code:

 using(var context = new MyDBContext())
     context.Transaction = context.Connection.BeginTransaction();

     //Here I am calling my Workflow function

     using (WorkflowRuntime workflowRuntime = new WorkflowRuntime())
        AutoResetEvent waitHandle = new AutoResetEvent(false);
        workflowRuntime.WorkflowCompleted += delegate(object sender, WorkflowCompletedEventArgs e)
            if ((string)e.OutputParameters["OutputMessage"] != "")
                msg = "Workflow error : " + (string)e.OutputParameters["OutputMessage"];
        workflowRuntime.WorkflowTerminated += delegate(object sender, WorkflowTerminatedEventArgs e)
            Console.WriteLine("ERROR: " + e.Exception.Message);

        WorkflowInstance instance = workflowRuntime.CreateWorkflow(typeof(MyWorkflow),           parameters);

     //DB Operation in ASP.NET 
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I don't think so. instance.Start() returns immediately. The actually workflow activities will run in a different thread (and potentially in different processes or different machines). You'll have to manage transactions within the workflow.

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Even if I manage the transaction inside Workflow, how can I put the full db operation in one transaction? I mean 50% of my db operation is in Web Application and 50% in Workflow. –  Usman Khalid Oct 10 '12 at 12:24
You can feed the workflow with data read from database, let the workflow process and only update the database when the workflow terminates. –  xing Oct 10 '12 at 12:31
you mean pass the whole data as parameter to Workflow and perform db operation? –  Usman Khalid Oct 10 '12 at 12:42

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