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I have a UITextField, how can I change the cursor position dynamically based of some condition to a particular length?

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Use textview.selectedRange.

NSRange selection = [textview.text rangeOfString:@"SomeText" options:NSCaseInsensitiveSearch];
if( selection.location != NSNotFound ){
    textview.selectedRange =  selection;
    textview.selectedRange = NSMakeRange(selection.location, 0);

It may helps you

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Use this link maybe it will help you solve your issue. Hope it is of use !! :)

Change cursor in UITextField when set new text

and also Finding the cursor position in a UITextField

// Get the selected text range
    UITextRange *selectedRange = [self selectedTextRange];

    // Calculate the existing position, relative to the end of the field (will be a - number)
    int pos = [self offsetFromPosition:self.endOfDocument toPosition:selectedRange.start];

    // Change the text
    self.text = lastValidated; 

    // Work out the position based by offsetting the end of the field to the same
    // offset we had before editing
    UITextPosition *newPos = [self positionFromPosition:self.endOfDocument offset:pos];

    // Reselect the range, to move the cursor to that position
    self.selectedTextRange = [self textRangeFromPosition:newPos toPosition:newPos];

Happy coding....

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I don't want to change the cursor, I want to change the cursor position. –  user1244311 Oct 10 '12 at 11:27
go to this link and try to code in your project stackoverflow.com/questions/7196032/… –  Rajput Vikas Singh Oct 10 '12 at 11:29

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