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I am just learning how to use tapestry and I keep coming across the following error

Exception: source is null for getProperty(null, "agent")    

This is the code in my html page

          <td valign="center" align="right" height="30"><span class="label1"> <span key="agentDeletionSalesParentActivityType" />&nbsp;:&nbsp;</span></td>
          <td valign="center" align="left" height="30"><select jwcid="agentDeletionSalesParentActivityType@ActivityTypePropertySelection" regions="ognl:{activity.agent.region}" emptyOption="true" disabled="ognl:disabled" value="ognl:parentActivityType" /></td>
            <td valign="center" align="right" height="30"><span class="label1"> <span key="agentDeletionSalesChildActivityType" />&nbsp;:&nbsp;</span></td>
            <td valign="center" align="left" height="30"><select jwcid="agentDeletionSalesChildActivityType" regions="ognl:{activity.agent.region}" emptyOption="true" disabled="ognl:disabled" value="ognl:childActivityType" parent="component:agentDeletionSalesParentActivityType" /></td>

This is my java code

public abstract ActivityType getParentActivityType();
public abstract void setParentActivityType(ActivityType parent);

public abstract ActivityType getChildActivityType();
public abstract void setChildActivityType(ActivityType child);

@Component(id="agentDeletionSalesChildActivityType", type="ActivityTypePropertySelection")
public abstract ActivityTypePropertySelection getChildActivityPropertySelection();

If you need more code i will be happy to put it up (kept it small so as not to pile code into the page), can anyone see why this is returning this exception?

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Not really an answer, but it looks like you are using an old version of Tapestry (version 4?). As you are just starting with Tapestry I recommend using the newest version of Tapestry5 – Nathan Q Oct 10 '12 at 11:31
@NathanQ: Yes i am working with Tapestry 4, unfortunately this is the Tapestry that we are using here and I cannot change that so i have to learn this :/ – Hip Hip Array Oct 10 '12 at 11:34

This would appear to be saying that that the activity object is null in this:

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Not sure if you managed to solve this one, but I was facing the problem.

The difference between you configuration and mine is the nested object reference


Since your exception states:

Exception: source is null for getProperty(null, "agent")    

Based on my experience, this means that activity is indeed null, as @Stephen C says.

The exception I was recieving was:

Exception: source is null for getProperty(null, "question")    

Here is my configuration. Hopefully, you may be able to gleam some insight.

<component id="securityQuestion1Dropdown" type="PropertySelection">
    <binding name="model" value="securityQuestion1Model"/>
    <binding name="displayName" value="message:security_question_1"/>
    <binding name="value" value="securityQuestion1.question"/> <!-- the offending line -->


<div class="formline">
    <span class="formtext">
         <span jwcid="@company:FieldLabelWithColon" 
               title="Security Question 1" 
               key="security_question1">Security Question 1</span>
        <span class="mandatory">*</span>
    <select jwcid="securityQuestion1Dropdown" tabindex="1"/>

@InitialValue("new") // the solution
public abstract SecurityQuestion getSecurityQuestion1();
public abstract void setSecurityQuestion1(SecurityQuestion securityQuestion1);

Hope that helps.

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