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In an xpage I would like to import data from another server and system with odbc (to a Lotus Notes View) How could I do this ?

(NotesSQL does as far as I understand the opposite)

I guess I need to install DECS. but then in the help file I found :

To load the DECS server task, the real-time extension manager library variable must be set in the notes.ini file

Domino is running on a linux server. What's my library variable then ?

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Normally you would use a direct Domino to Domino connection and not consider something like ODBC. Is there a reason you can't do this here? –  Thimo Jansen Oct 10 '12 at 16:37

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I don't think DECS has much to do with this, particularly since you are talking about XPages. As suggested in these two previously-answered questions, you should probably be using the OpenNTF Extension Library:

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