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I am using GtkMenuToolButton and it has a button and a menu. When you click on the arrow the menu is opened. I'd like to make the button open that same menu as well. Simply emitting "show-menu" in the "clicked" callback did not work. Please help how to make this work.

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I have currently ended up doing this:

  • Instead of GtkMenuToolButton I have GtkToolItem with custom content
  • In custom content I have GtkMenuButton
  • Inside that one, I delete the default GtkArrow and replace it with 1x2 GtkGrid which has a Label + GtkArrow

As a whole it does what I want =)

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When you create the menu, save a reference to it as self.tool_button_menu or something; then in the clicked callback, call

self.tool_button_menu.popup(None, None, None, None, 0, Gtk.get_current_event_time())

The first two Nones are the parent menu and the parent menu item (not applicable). The second two Nones are a positioning callback function (more on that in a minute) and data to pass to it. 0 is the mouse button if the menu was initiated by a mouse button press (but you should pass 0, because I think in your case it's either a mouse button release or a key press.) And the last parameter is the timestamp to give to the menu popup event.

Now the positioning function. It takes two parameters and returns three:

def positioning_function(menu, data=None):
    # ...magic...
    return x, y, push_in

push_in should be True if you want the menu to be repositioned so that it always fits on the screen. Seems like a good idea. You can get good values for x and y by looking at the tool button's get_allocation(); read the x, y, width and height attributes of that object and calculate a nice place to put the menu.

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well the actual parameters to popup would be nice, as I can't seem to get them right. Also the menu needs to be below the button not in the random mouse position (think about activating the button with keyboard, not mouse). The existing snippets with popup that I found on the internet did not work with py-gi bindings and gtk3. Please elaborate =) –  Dima Oct 10 '12 at 20:29
Ha, you caught me there. I was too lazy to look up the parameters. I'll edit my answer. –  ptomato Oct 10 '12 at 20:41
That's better. I went with "my solution" below =) but thanks for explaining the "magic" parameters for this stuff. –  Dima Oct 11 '12 at 16:30

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