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I need to know which applications use the library .

I know the command ldd. But that's not what I looking for.

A tool which tell me something like

app1 and app2 using

Thanks for your help

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It is not applications, but processes which are using files.

You could use the lsof command to find out which processes are accessing or using some given file.

You might also be interested by the pmap command, and the proc(5) man page (about the /proc/ file system), e.g. /proc/1234/mapsand /proc/1234/fd/ for the process of pid 1234.

Notice that static libraries are not really used, but linked (i.e. "mixed") inside an executable (at build time).

You might also be interested in packages dependencies. Details vary with your Linux distributions (e.g. .deb based or .rpm based packages).

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