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I have a ListView, with ListViewItem s being properly formatted using ItemTemplateSelector when the control first loads content. The data is properly coded using INotifyPropertyChanged.

My question is: How do I cause a single ListViewItem to update it's DataTemplate after the ListView has already loaded the data? I'm not sure if I need to use a setter or a task or a simple binding. Has anyone done this already?

My ListView code:

        <ListView x:Name="lv_src_gStream" 
                  ItemsSource="{Binding Source={StaticResource CVS_src_gStream}}" 
                  ItemTemplateSelector="{StaticResource postTemplateSelector}">

This works well when the data first loads, but when a variable changes, how do I get the ItemTemplateSelector to choose a different template?

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I don't think you can change single ListViewItem template dynamically after loaded. But you can use ItemContainerStyle to custom your template on specific event, like Unfocused, Selected, Pressed... Here is a sample How do I set a different background colour on item click of ListView for metro/WinRT app?

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