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I've got NSIS code like this:

    ;Installer Sections

    var /GLOBAL f1m

    Function GetXML
     StrCpy $path "/A/B/C/"
     StrCpy $path "$path$R1"
     ${UpdateXml} "" $path $f1m

    Function DownloadFiles
     metadl::download /RETRYTIME=2 /MAXTRIES=2 /MD5 $f1m some.exe
     Pop $R0 ;Get the return value
     StrCmp $R0 "success" +3
     MessageBox MB_OK "Download failed: $R0"

    Section "Dummy Section" SecDummy
    ReadRegStr $curver HKCU "Software\SomeSoft" "ver"
    ${For} $R1 1 10
     Call GetXML
     Call DownloadFiles

When programm in for loop runs "DowloadFiles" function it's back not in the begining of for loop. It's just back to ReadRegStr command and always gets same value of $f1m variable and stuck on a loop.

What's the cause of this action?

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In your DonwloadFiles function, I see a dubious

StrCmp $R0 "success" +3

That should jump to the 2nd next statement if the strings are equal (+1 is the next statement, +2 let shortcircuit the next statement, and +3 will shunt the next 2 statements).

But there is only one statement after the StrCmp : the MessageBox. It is probable that when the strings are equal the flow is jumping to an unexpected statement... Use +2 to jump over the message box, or use a label to avoid surprises.

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Jumping past a functions end is not supported/undefined. You should consider using labels or LogicLib.nsh...

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