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yesterday @SuperSkunk soved this little problem for me: How to return settings from an object

I had this setup to retrieve values from stored settings:

myProject =

  value1: one
  value2: two
  value3: three

 getSetting: (key) ->

So when i call getSetting('value1') i get one.

How can I change the code to pass n-Arguments to get n-Values? Thank you in advance!

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You can use a splat and list comprehensions:

getSetting: (keys...) ->
   (@settings[key] for key in keys)

Now if you call getSettings 'value1', 'value2' the result is the array ['one', 'two'].

To "return as they are" means probably simply to destructure on receiving the values

so taking the above example on the caller side you do

[value1, value2] = getSettings "value1", "value2"
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Thank you! I was experimenting with splats but couldn´t get it work. I´m curious - is there a chance to return the values "as they are" and not as array? – Rockbot Oct 10 '12 at 13:05
What do you mean exactly with "as they are"? If you want to return a new hash with just these keys set you can use something like getSetting: (keys...) -> result = {}; result[key] = @settings[key] for key in keys; result – Christoph Leiter Oct 10 '12 at 13:27
When i use the "single argument call" (like in my question) i get strings and numbers - like they are stored. When i get an array or hash-table my follow-up functions won´t work, as they require strings or numbers. Your code works fine - I guess there is no easy way to pick each element out of the array or hashtable and return them... So that the outcome would be left, 250, red for example instead of [left, 250, red] - But maybe thats a new question – Rockbot Oct 10 '12 at 14:01
I was playing a little bit and came up with this line, after your suggested code: console.log "#{value}" for key, value of result -> a big leap forward! so my last question would be: how to return the values in one line, seperated with comma? – Rockbot Oct 10 '12 at 15:43

To use the below, please include underscore.js (http://underscorejs.org) or the coffee script variant (http://coffeescript.org/documentation/docs/underscore.html)

getSettings: (keys) ->
  _.map(_.flatten([keys]), (key) -> @settings(key))

The above should work with either an array passed in or a single value as above..

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Thanks for your answer - but I want to keep the project as it is - as it is enough of a struggle :) – Rockbot Oct 10 '12 at 13:06

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