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I was trying to develop a small web service using eclipse and deploying it to glassfish.

So, I've created a new Dynamic Web Project and a new top down web service (using the wizard).

When I try to publish the web service, i've got this error :

"IWAB0054E Web project URL for deployment of Web service is not set in AxisDeployCommand"

I can't see any error in the errorLog and don't know where to configure this "Web Project URL". Do you have any clue ?


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It seems that the http binding (I was using HTTP protocol instead of SOAP) in my wsdl were problematic. I don't know exactly why.

Creating a new WSDL file with SOAP does work.

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Can you please explain how you resolved this issue? I am facing similar problem. Detail explanation will help. –  user654034 Jun 16 at 17:19

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