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I'm essentially looking for a "@Ignore" type annotation with which I can stop a particular field from being persisted. How can this be achieved?

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@Transient complies with your needs.

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But then jackson will not serialize the field when converting to JSON...how to solve? – MobileMon Jan 20 at 3:44
that depends on your app desing. if you annotate your entity class - it applies everywhere; but if you anotate dao that use entity - it's another story. in short: use DAO when you have multiple storages – Sarief Jul 7 at 10:31

To ignore a field, annotate it with @Transient so it will not be mapped by hibernate. http://magicmonster.com/kb/prg/java/orm/hibernate/annotations.html

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This answer comes a little late, but it completes the response.

In order to avoid a field from an entity to be persisted in DB one can use one of the two mechanisms:

@Transient - the JPA annotation marking a field as not persistable

transient keyword in java. Beware - using this keyword, will prevent the field to be used with any serialization mechanism from java. So, if the field must be serialized you'd better use just the @Transient annotation.

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how about i just want to ignore the persistence on get method?. For example : myjparepository.save() wil save the model as usual , and myjparepository.find(id) will ignore the field that I want? – xtiger Feb 1 at 4:15

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