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I have an existing webapp on heroku that needs to send messages to a queue. I want a worker to pick the messages up and process them. After reading the example on https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/run-non-web-java-processes-on-heroku I figured running another play process through the Procfile would be wasteful, so I made the following project structure to just use maven for the worker instead:

[git root]
   +--[play 2.0 app]
   |  + (project files)
   |  +-Procfile (web)  
   +--[maven based worker]
      + (project files)
      +-Procfile (worker)

Now if I try to push all of this to heroku it fails miserably. Heroku thinks this is a play 1.2.4 project and then just falls apart. When I try to specify a play 2.0 buildpack it says "no Cedar-supported app detected". So obviously heroku doesn't like my directory structure.

I want my play app and my maven worker to share the same git repository and if possible, be part of the same deployment to heroku. Is there a common pattern to solve this problem?

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You can't mix multiple buildpacks in a single app on Heroku. Instead you could do this all as a Play 2 app. Here is an example project that will help get you started:

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Thanks for clearing this up. I was trying to avoid that kind of setup but I guess there is no way around it then. –  keyboardsamurai Oct 10 '12 at 17:41

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