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I dont know why I can't pass the value of AccountType (from TblAccount) to Me.txtWAccounType (textbox from WithdrawView).

Pleaes help me, here's my code

If IsNull(DLookup("[AccountId]", "TblAccount", "AccountId = '" & txtWAccountId & "'")) Then
 MsgBox "Account Number Doesn't Exist"

 Me.txtWAccounType.Value = DLookup("[AccountType]", "TblAccount", "AccountId = ' " & Forms![WithdrawView]![txtWAccountId] & "' ")
 MsgBox "Account Number Do Exist"

 End If

my goal is to retrieve that AfterUpdate of AccountId. messagebox, but an "Account Number Does Exist" pops up so it means there is a value, but why doesn't it appear in Me.txtWAccounType?

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Is Me.txtWAccounType binded with some field?, Debug.print( DLookup("[AccountType]", "TblAccount", "AccountId = ' " & Forms![WithdrawView]![txtWAccountId] & "' ") ) print any value? –  Xilmiki Oct 10 '12 at 19:49

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The problem is because there is no record that matches the criteria.. As you know there is a difference between '123' and ' 123' i.e. there is a 'space' character before the number based on your code.. Just replace the DLookUp as Follows..

DLookup("[AccountType]", "TblAccount", "AccountId = '" & Forms![WithdrawView]![txtWAccountId] & "'")
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