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I have this file:

source :rubygems

gem 'sinatra', '1.3.1' group :development do gem 'rspec', '2.7.0' gem 'cucumber', '1.1.3' gem 'capybara', '1.1.2' end

and I am trying to run from cmd.exe the command: bundle to install the gems from this file. On the screen is displayed the message: "Could not find the Gemfile".

The command must be ran from the root of the project, but I don't know why it does not work. Here is my project 'C:\Test\Cash Withdrawal' and I have the Gemfile here and does not work. Please tell me where I have to put the Gemfile and from what directory I have to run the gemfile. THX!

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Bundle command expects a presence of a file name "Gemfile". So if your project Directory is " C:\Test\Cash Withdrawal", make sure following

  • You have a file name "Gemfile" in "C:\Test\Cash Withdrawal" directory.
  • While executing "bundle install" your current directory is "C:\Test\Cash Withdrawal".
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