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I am using DevExpress TreeListControl:

void TreeListView_FocusedRowChanged(object sender, FocusedRowChangedEventArgs e) {
    string val;
    PropertyInfo[] properties =  e.NewRow.GetType().GetProperties();
    foreach (PropertyInfo item in properties) {
        string x =  item.Name;
        if (x == "Id") {
            var barProperty = item.GetType().GetProperty("Id");
            if (barProperty != null) {
                object[] obj = new Object[0];
                val = item.GetValue(sender, obj) as string;

How to get selected row value?

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It is not needed to use reflection at all. You can use the TreeListView.FocusedNode property and the TreeListView.GetNodeValue method:

object id = treeListView.GetNodeValue(treeListView.FocusedNode,"Id");
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