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I want to create a custom Field to show news. I have 20 news headlines, but only one will be visible. The field will have a timer that will change the new headline every 3 seconds. Creating a timer task is fine. But the real problem is, the animation while the headline change. I want to create a flip animation. How to do flip animation on the field?

I have used screen transition. But that does animation for the entire screen. But my requirement is to flip a screen widget.

Looking to develop for 5.x and above.

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Unfortunately there is no transition for fields, so you could use third party code or write it yourself. You could find more insights here:

  1. https://www.nloko.ca/blog/2010/11/blackberry-animated/
  2. Blackberry - fields layout animation
  3. Blackberry - how to animate Custom Field?
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