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I'm looking for a way to display animated vector graphics in a native iOS application.

The artist draws a character in vector, and then import it into Flash and animate it. Why exactly vector, but not sprites? Because the character has many stuff and animations. And if I use frame animation, I need to render all animation variants for all appearance variants. Skeletal sprite animation looks poorly. Now I try solution from Adobe - Flash Toolkit for CreateJS. I put the result in UIWebView. Everything seems to be working, I can replace vector elements by others and start animation for each element separately (that's what I need). But there is a performance problem, so I can't use more complicated vector graphics. And the solution looks like not native.

Maybe there is some other solution?

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I Dont know Why people has not answered this? but need help too. So if Saintech, you have got some idea then Please share – Mrug Mar 24 '14 at 12:09

If you are not opposed to using Starling (Starling home page), I found some interesting information that this may benefit from here: flash-movieclip-converter-preserves-display-list-hierarchy

Also here are some GIT repos you can check out that might be helpful:

Hope that helps.

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