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I've written a feature that tests whether some content appears on a page. The content is loaded dynamically via AJAX and the scenario is annotated with @javascript.

The weird part is: If I set config.cache_classes = false in config/environments/test.rb, everything just works fine and the step passes.

However, I would prefer the default of config.cache_classes being set to true. But with that setting, the step fails. I've been able to narrow down the cause of the failure to the AJAX call of the control whose content is being updated.

I've edited my Controller, even with drastic measures such as an exit 1 to make absolutely sure that what happens is that an old, cached version of the Controller is being used.

1) Can I flush and regenerate the class cache manually? How would I tell Cucumber explicitly to use the current version of my class, without necessarily setting config.cache_classes to false?

2) Where does Rails cache the classes by default? I couldn't find anything useful answering this on the web.

My environment:

  • Rails 3.2.8
  • Cucumber 1.2.1
  • cucumber-rails 1.3.0
  • capybara 1.1.2
  • capybara-webkit 0.12.1 (javascript_driver is :webkit, but error persists with :selenium)
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