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I have an issue on retrieving a user's favorite playlist.

Scenario: I open up some user's favorites directly on youtube (ie Now if that list has deleted (or private, excluded) videos, they also show up as regularly on the page.

But when I try to receive the list via the api (ie those videos are not included in the response (json in my case). I use the safesearch=none param to 'force' include the by localization excluded videos (as those would also cause problems). There is also no hint included, that there are a missing videos at all. Now that causes me a problem when loading the next portion via start-index.

When there are unavailable/deleted videos, the result is just a list of moved up available videos. Now when I try to load the next portion (example start-index=26), I get a list of duplicated videos from the previous (1-25) result. There are as much duplicates at the beginning of the list as deleted videos were in the previous request.

I think the api does not consider the deleted videos when using start-index. Is this a bug? There is also no new "corrected" index in the result I could use to load the next portion.

I don't get this bug on normal playlists I tested so far, so this might only be valid for favorites. For example, you can use the channel "HouseElectroBootleg" to reproduce this effect, just look at to the original favorites:

and then via api 1-25 (missing deleted ones):

and now the buggy result (starting at index 26):

How can I get the correct index value or just the count of not working videos, so I could just add the number to the offset to correct it?

Thank you and sorry for my bad English, I tried to describe my issue as good as possible.

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Update: Just found out youtube doesn't save duplicates in the favorites at all. Now as a solution I am using a temporally list, that stores all video ids for the current viewed (or opened) favorites. So further loaded entries are filtered out if already present in that list. – user1734952 Oct 11 '12 at 10:17

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