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I want to convert my english alphabets to arabic using JavaScript

Do I need to do some kind Unicode conversion for this? An example would be great.

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Can you be more clear about what you mean by converting English to Arabic ("Sun" -> "الشمس")? Or some sort of alphabetic substitution ("s" -> "س")? Or perhaps something phonetic? –  MtnViewMark Aug 18 '09 at 3:44

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Well first make sure the file you are saving is Unicode UTF-8, otherwise the characters get all messed up. Do you mean conversion from english to arabic?

If you are converting letter for letter I would recommend making a function will all arabic unicode characters and english letters.


function en_to_ar(string) {
    var convert = new Array();
    convert["a"] = "/u...";
    ... divide string into every letter, loop through, output result

But watch out, Arabic is tricky. With all the vowel marks and stuff. Remember vowel marks count as another character. Also unicode is multi-byte, so .length on an arabic letter vs an english ascii letter will not be the same.


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