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I have a multi-field form and use it to retrieve records of a table. If there is no user input in a field I want to allow "*" and Null Values for the according column, the user input otherwise.

I tried

Like IIf([Forms]![frm_searchForm]![Titel]="" Or IsNull([Forms]![frm_searchForm]![Titel]);Like "*" Or Is Null;[Forms]![frm_searchForm]![Titel])

as well as

Like IIf(IsEmpty([Forms]![frm_searchForm]![Titel]);Like "*" Or Is Null;[Forms]![frm_searchForm]![Titel])

But in both cases, the IIf function always triggers the else expression. How can I check whether the field in the form is empty? Is this even possible without VB?


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AFAICT, when [Forms]![frm_searchForm]![Titel] contains a value, you want only those rows where some field contains that value.

But, if [Forms]![frm_searchForm]![Titel] is Null or an empty string, you want to retrieve all the rows.

If that is correct, try a WHERE clause similar to this:

       Len([Forms]![frm_searchForm]![Titel] & '') = 0
    OR some_field Like '*' & [Forms]![frm_searchForm]![Titel] & '*'

Also add a PARAMETERS clause at the beginning of your SQL statement:

PARAMETERS [Forms]![frm_searchForm]![Titel] Text ( 255 );
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Didn't think of that:) Should not have tried to solve this without writing SQL code, silly me... always overestimating MS Access. –  rob Oct 10 '12 at 14:51

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