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When I am saving data(String) to isolated data storage,it was saving data successfully ,but the while retrieve data from data Storage,I a getting data of previous page. I am having String variable in App.xaml.cs and i assign the values to it from pages,on deactivating the app,information abt last page gets saved and when i restore it ,i should get my saved String,But this is place i am getting this issue,I get some time the previous or before pages values,If i delete the app and build app successfully it works successfully,but when withou deleting the app and when going on doing build and build process,I am getting this issue.

if (IsolatedStorageSettings.ApplicationSettings.Contains("endResponse"))
          IsolatedStorageSettings.ApplicationSettings[endResponse] = App.endResponse;
          settings.Add("endResponse", App.endResponse);

and for retreiving i am using

  if (IsolatedStorageSettings.ApplicationSettings.Contains("endResponse"))
                 IsolatedStorageSettings.ApplicationSettings.TryGetValue<String>("endResponse", out App.endResponse);

             Debug.WriteLine("App.end Response in IsolatedStorage while activation>>>" + App.endResponse);

When deleting the app from simulator and while testing the app,it works well ,apart from it I am not getting exact values always.

I am attaching the screenshot of issue,plz check and tell me ,if i miss anything.

enter image description here

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After writing your settings, you need to call the Save method :-


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Shouldn't you use


rather then this in your post?

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What an silly mistake i made,thanks for info,I am checking it –  Rakesh Oct 11 '12 at 12:45

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