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How to send an object from one Android Activity to another using Intents?

I want to pass a class object from an Activity to other when one Activity calls to the other. I am trying to use Intent.putExtra(name, value) to make that but then I don´t have Intent.getExtra(name) method. There are a lot of methods like getStringExtra(name), getDataExtra(name) and so on but what I put in the value of putExtra is a class object that have a lot of different values as String, Data and int. How can I make to pass that class?

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You can use Serializable or Parcelable

If you use Serializable you only have to implement it by writing implements Serializable

If you use Parcelable you have to fill in the used methodes. See: http://developer.android.com/reference/android/os/Parcelable.html

Read about the differences here: http://www.mooproductions.org/node/6

Conclusion: Parcelable is really alot faster but takes more time to implement.

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In order to pass your custom objects through Intent, you need to make sure that your class implements Parcelable.

For more info, read this tutorial.

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