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I have a datagrid in my code that looks like this:

<s:DataGrid id="dg">
  <s:ArrayCollection id="ac">
    <s:DataItem ../>
    <s:DataItem ../>

I am trying to have a separate label (by default) show the data from a particular cell after sorting the data in a particular way.

For Example:

DataGrid shows:

Date  Type
----  ----
8     yes      
12    no
6     this
7     that

Label: 6 (First date after sorting in ascending order)

Any easy way I can do this in ActionScript (or otherwise)? Should I try to work with the ArrayCollection component or the DataGrid?


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I would look into ArrayCollection's sort feature: Sorting ArrayCollection

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Thanks! that was helpful – Tahsin M Oct 16 '12 at 16:07
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Figured it out, using the sorting ArrayCollection reference. Used two different methods for sorting and extracting:


private function sortFunction(a:Object, b:Object, array:Array = null):int
  ..my sorting code..

public function Grid_onLoad(event:Event):void
  var sort:Sort = new Sort();
  sort.compareFunction = sortFunction;
  items.sort = sort;


public function FirstDate():String
  return items.getItemAt(0).Date;

Then its just a matter of calling the functions appropriately:

<s:DataGrid id="items" initialize="Grid_onLoad(event)">
  <s:ArrayCollection id="ac">
    <s:DataItem ../>
    <s:DataItem ../>

<s:Label text="{FirstDate()}"/>
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