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I can use C-h c (describe-key-briefly) and type a key combination and it will return me the function bound to it. But I'd also like to type only a prefix of a key combination and have it list and describe all functions bound to key sequences starting with it, like "all bound keys starting with C-x".

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C-h b will give you all the current bindings... –  dmckee Aug 15 '09 at 15:27

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Do the key combo then C-h. For your example of C-x, do C-x C-h. This also works with sub-maps, e.g. C-x r C-h to see everything under C-x r

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Should have been obvious...thanks –  dmckee Aug 15 '09 at 16:07
Awesome, I never knew this. Not at all obvious, though. Almost nothing in emacs is obvious. –  Drew Hoskins Aug 15 '09 at 17:15
Perfect! Thanks :) –  obvio171 Aug 15 '09 at 21:40
Yeah, the section of the manual that describes this in detail is not very obvious. Reading, what a waste of time! –  jrockway Aug 16 '09 at 12:34
You can also use F1 instead of C-h (and indeed there's an instance where you can only use F1 -- see duplicate question) –  phils Jan 29 '13 at 16:47

It is also not the case that every prefix key works this way (follow it with C-h to see the bindings).

Here are two additional resources that can help:

  • Command describe-keymap, in help-fns+.el. But to use it you need to have the keymap available (e.g. as the value of a variable, such as ctl-x-map). Unlike just using C-h v on a keymap variable, the output is human readable.

  • Icicles key completion. Just type the prefix key, then hit S-TAB. Buffer *Completions* shows you all possible completions: the keys plus their associated commands (or ... if they are themselves prefix keys). For multiple-level prefix keys (e.g. C-x r) the candidates include prefix keys (e.g. prefix key r to partially complete prefix key C-x). You can navigate up and down the keymap hierarchy this way. And you can cycle among candidates and hit C-M-RET on any to see their complete help.

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