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I am transfering FrameworkElement from StackPanel on WPF Page to programmatically created StackPanel. At a certain point i need to refresh bindings and get property values. At this point FrameworkElement.DataContext has correct value and BindingExpression.Status==BindingStatus.Unattached for all binding expressions. I execute BindingExpression.UpdateTarget, but property values are empty.

I found source code for BindingExpression.UpdateTarget():

    public override void UpdateTarget() 
        if (Status == BindingStatus.Detached) 
            throw new InvalidOperationException(SR.Get(SRID.BindingExpressionIsDetached)); 

        if (Worker != null) 
            Worker.RefreshValue();  // calls TransferValue

Worker gets instance in internal override void BindingExpression.Activate(). Also inside Activate() BindingExpression.Status set to BindingStatus.Active.

How can i programmatically initiate execution for BindingExpression.Activate() and make UpdateTarget after that?

PS Sorry for my english

Update. Solution here(Thanks, Olli):

public  void UpdateAllBindingTargets( DependencyObject obj)

        FrameworkElement visualBlock = obj as FrameworkElement;
        if (visualBlock==null)
        if (visualBlock.DataContext==null)
        Object objDataContext = visualBlock.DataContext;

        IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<DependencyProperty, BindingExpression>> allElementBinding = GetAllBindings(obj);
        foreach (KeyValuePair<DependencyProperty, BindingExpression> bindingInfo in allElementBinding)
            BindingOperations.ClearBinding(obj, bindingInfo.Key);

            Binding myBinding = new Binding(bindingInfo.Value.ParentBinding.Path.Path);
            myBinding.Source = objDataContext;
            visualBlock.SetBinding(bindingInfo.Key, myBinding);
            BindingOperations.GetBindingExpression(visualBlock, bindingInfo.Key).UpdateTarget();



where getting all bindings for object:

public  IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<DependencyProperty, BindingExpression>> GetAllBindings( DependencyObject obj)
        var stack = new Stack<DependencyObject>();


        while (stack.Count > 0)
            var cur = stack.Pop();
            var lve = cur.GetLocalValueEnumerator();

            while (lve.MoveNext())
                if (BindingOperations.IsDataBound(cur, lve.Current.Property))
                    KeyValuePair<DependencyProperty,BindingExpression> result=new KeyValuePair<DependencyProperty, BindingExpression>(lve.Current.Property,lve.Current.Value as BindingExpression);
                    yield return result;

            int count = VisualTreeHelper.GetChildrenCount(cur);
            for (int i = 0; i < count; ++i)
                var child = VisualTreeHelper.GetChild(cur, i);
                if (child is FrameworkElement)
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You can programmatically create a new binding, which should do the trick.


Example from the MSDN page

MyData myDataObject = new MyData(DateTime.Now);      
Binding myBinding = new Binding("MyDataProperty");
myBinding.Source = myDataObject;
myText.SetBinding(TextBlock.TextProperty, myBinding);
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Thanks for responding. I think i can recreate all bindings, but I founding method for activate exists bindings. And what BindingExpression.Status will be set for new bindings? –  Frank59 Oct 12 '12 at 18:17
BindingExpression.Status is Active for new bindings. –  Olli Luukas Oct 12 '12 at 21:30
If my answer was correct and helped you, could you mark it as the answer for the question? If not, could you specify the question? –  Olli Luukas Oct 16 '12 at 4:35
Thank you, Olli. It's work. –  Frank59 Oct 16 '12 at 7:11
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