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Here is what I have so far. I want to store the query result into an int variable but I get null so far. After execute, both @query and @countrow are both null. Any suggestion would be great.

    SET @query = N'select @countrow=count(*) from ' + @tablename 
EXECUTE sp_executesql @query
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If @query is null, then @tablename must be null – podiluska Oct 10 '12 at 14:44

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DECLARE @i INT, @sql NVARCHAR(512), @tablename varchar(200) = 'tbl'

SET @sql = N'SELECT @i = COUNT(*) FROM '  + @tablename

EXEC sp_executesql 
    @query = @sql, 
    @params = N'@i INT OUTPUT', 
    @i = @i OUTPUT 


Take a look at SQL Fiddle

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You need to use the OUTPUT keyword, similar to this:

declare @query nvarchar(max)
declare  @countrow int
declare  @tablename varchar(50)

SET @query = N'select @cnt=count(*) from ' + @tablename 
EXECUTE sp_executesql @query, N'@cnt int OUTPUT', @cnt=@countrow OUTPUT

select @countrow as countrow -- to get the result
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