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Simple question... will the Stratus player www.stratus.sc ever be supported by Internet Explorer?

Searched high and low for a resolution, and I haven't found one site where the player works with IE?

SoundCloud themselves wrote to me:

We're currently in a state of transition with how we handle the Stratus player. There are known issues with Internet Explorer support but unfortunately they aren't actively being worked on since we're still determining the future of the project.
Posting this in stackoverflow.com with a "soundcloud" tag could prove helpful in getting feedback from our community.

So I ask, does anyone think it will be supported?

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The stratus player tries to create a new iframe, and inside this new document it fetches this JS file:


In this file there are some calls to the log method of the console object, i.e. console.log() The console object is not defined in IE unless you have the console itself open, that means to have the IE developer tools open. So when these lines are to be executed in the context of the iframe, and the developer tools are not open, the log method of an undefined object is obviously not found. That halts the JS execution in the iframe context, and that is why the player does not show up.

there is an interesting reading about this in this other question:

What happened to console.log in IE8?

Sadly there is little to do from your side if you want to get the player working in IE. Let's hope the Stratus guys at least remove the console.log() statements...

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I've noticed that the main problem for not loading stratus in ie are the console.log lines that they have in their script player.js . when i open the debug bar that supports the console.log in ie the player loads correctly and it works ok. i wrote an email to the support to see if they can comment this lines. from the tests i did it seems to be working ok apart of not showing the waverform and the play button is a square istead of a circle.

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Thanks for responding... I had thought my question had been overlooked. Very interesting that you can load the player with the debug bar open. Wish I could even do that, all I get is a grey box about 300px width (which is an improvement as I never used to get anything). While debugging I get: LOG: Stratus loading... LOG: Stratus initializing... LOG: Loading address That's it, this is when the Doc mode is IE9, when I try IE7 there are a couple of script errors, that don't actually seem errors to me? Thanks again for replying. –  user1735193 Nov 1 '12 at 16:48

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