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I want to create customize title bar on jFrame. I can remove default title bar in jFrame with


now i need to create customize title bar on jFrame with close button.

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Without having done that ever, I think I would go this way:

  1. Indeed set the JFrame to undecorated
  2. Extend JRootPane to add an additional field titleBar
  3. Create a TitleBar component holding the title, the close button, etc...
  4. Set a new LayoutManager on that JRootPane (have a look at JRootPane.RootLayout) and layout the components in the appropriate order (first the title bar, then below the menubar, then below the content pane)
  5. Set an instance of that extends RootPane on your JFrame

There are maybe better ways.

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I'm not quite sure of how you want to customize the close button, but maybe this can point you in the right direction: How can I customize the title bar on JFrame?

EDIT: Here's an updated working link to a forum about customizing his GUI and one user posted code on his creation of a simple GUI: Here

It looks like you can just modify his removeComponents method and create an addComponents method to fit your needs.

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Yeah but the answers in that questions refer themselves to other links which don't work anymore. Please post direct working links or delete this post –  Guillaume Polet Oct 10 '12 at 14:50
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