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I am developing an application for wp7.i am storing the state of my application in isolatedstoragefile using datacontractserializer.Now when i try to serialize the object sometimes i face this exception.

Token EndElement in state EndRootElement would result in an invalid XML document. Make sure that the ConformanceLevel setting is set to ConformanceLevel.Fragment or ConformanceLevel.Auto if you want to write an XML fragment.

here is my class which i am serializing

public class TcpSessionProperties
    public int NumberOfReceivedStanzas { get { return _numberOfReceivedStanzas; } set { _numberOfReceivedStanzas = value; } }

    public int NumberOfPacketsSent { get { return _numberOfPacketsSent; } set { _numberOfPacketsSent = value; } }

    public List<TcpPacket> PendingPacketsToSendQueue
        get { return _pendinPacketsToSendQueue; }
            _pendinPacketsToSendQueue = value;



Here is my code where i am serializing and deserializing

public class AppCacheIsolatedFile
    public static void Add(object val)
      private static object _objectToSave;

        lock (_storageLock)
            if (PhoneApplicationService.Current.State.ContainsKey(key))
                PhoneApplicationService.Current.State[key] = val;
                PhoneApplicationService.Current.State.Add(key, val);
            _objectToSave = val;
            WriteObject(NameOfFile, val, typeof(StreamingSocketConnection.StreamingSocketConnection));
         public static void WriteObject(string fileName,object val,Type type)
            "Creating a Person object and serializing it.");

            using (IsolatedStorageFileStream stream = new IsolatedStorageFileStream(fileName, FileMode.Create, IsoStore))
                DataContractSerializer dcs = new DataContractSerializer(type);
                dcs.WriteObject(stream, val);
        catch (Exception exception)

            LogUtility.NotifyUserAndLog("Exception occured in isolatd storage file  while writing "+exception.StackTrace); 



That exception occurs at dcs.writeobject. I donnot why is this happening.

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This seems really strange. Try writing to a MemoryStream instead, and see if you get the same error. If so, look at what has been written to the stream. – Markus Jarderot Oct 12 '12 at 8:24
@MarkusJarderot I checked it using IsolatedStorageTool What i found was that xml file ,which it was generating ,contained <packetsendingqueue>some xml</packetsendingque> some more xml which should have been inside </packetsendingqueue>. – rakesh Oct 12 '12 at 8:35
Only thing I can think of is that there are more than one thread involved, and they are slightly out of sync. One completes and writes the end-tag, but the other isn't quite finished yet. – Markus Jarderot Oct 12 '12 at 9:35
@MarkusJarderot But i have taken lock before writing it. – rakesh Oct 12 '12 at 15:21
Just a guess; I don't know. You will have to debug it some more, trying to catch when the end-element is written. – Markus Jarderot Oct 12 '12 at 15:45

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