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Hello I have developed a small website in plain JSP without using Servlets.I have hosted the website at webpages are running properly.But database is not connected.My database is in MS-Access and I am using simple JDBC:ODBC connection.After reserch on internet I found out that I need to pool my data using DBConnector.I am new to pooling I tried it but in vain,so can i get any guidance?

my jsp code :

 <%@page import="java.sql.*"%>
  <%@page import ="javax.sql.*"%>
 String name=request.getParameter("name");
String email=request.getParameter("email");
String comment=request.getParameter("comment");
DBConnector dbConnector= DBConnector.getInstance("jdbc:odbc://localhost/prakashd22?autoReconnect=true","prakashd22","*******");
Connection con = dbConnector.getConnection();
ResultSet rs = null;

Statement st = con.createStatement();

String sql = ("INSERT INTO feedback VALUES ('" + name + "','" + email + "','"+ comment +"') ");
catch(Exception e){}
<script language="javascript">
alert("Thank you for your feedback");
<jsp:include page="../page/feed.jsp"/>
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Take a look at some of the open source alternatives that aim to solve this problem. For example:

Check out some code samples to inspire you:

Lastly, I'd suggest to put as little code in the JSP as possible and move it to some class. That way the code will be much easier to test, reuse and maintain.

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thanks for help but this my high school assignment and i have to do this as shown above.So is there any other way of hosting website for trial period with simple JDBC:ODBC dsn connection? – prakash_d22 Oct 11 '12 at 2:38

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