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Is it a good idea to provide with data some software components by using PHP exception mechanism. For instance:

class CFoo {
    function dispatchData($dataItem1, $dataItem2) {
        throw new CQuickTransport($dataItem1, $dataItem2);

class CBar {
    function foo() {
        try {
            // Somewhere here throw our exception...
        catch (CQuickTransport $e) {
            $dataItemArray = $e->getCargo();
            $dataItem1 = $dataItemArray[0];
            $dataItem2 = $dataItemArray[1];
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I would try to decide what benefit it is in the try - catch - Exception pattern that seems beneficial to your project, and emulate it with logic and objects. Beyond the semantics that an exception is supposed to be exceptional, I would imagine that you will suffer a performance hit processing the try - catch. –  Gavin Oct 10 '12 at 16:19

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Exceptions leave the normal flow of execution. They are made for unintended results, hence the name "exception". As a best practice they should only be used to catch and handled programming errors.

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