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I have a VBA form with a variety of selection options including drop downs, text fields, checkboxes and radios.

I just wanted to know about the best way to clear all these fields with a button press. A friend of mine has tried to help by emailing me the code below but unfortunately it doesn't work, I have checked the variable names.

Any advice on how I can improve it?

Thanks in advance.

Private Sub btnReset_Click()

Unload Me

End Sub

Here is the other code for the userform.

Dim DeptCode 'Holds department code

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

    Dim c_deptCode As Range
    Dim c_deptName As Range
    Dim deptCodes As Variant
    Dim deptNames As Variant

    Dim ws_dept As Worksheet
    Set ws_dept = Worksheets("lookupDept")

    ' Assign each range to an array containing the values
    deptCodes = Choose(1, ws_dept.Range("deptCode"))
    deptNames = Choose(1, ws_dept.Range("deptName"))

    For i = 1 To ws_dept.Range("deptCode").Rows.Count
        ' Create the combined name (code + space + name)
        CombinedName = deptCodes(i, 1) & " - " & deptNames(i, 1)
        cbo_deptCode.AddItem CombinedName
    Next i

End Sub
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I think when it hits the Unload Me line, code execution stops and that's why it's not working for you. Here's a generic event procedure to reset all (most) of the controls on the form.

Private Sub cmdReset_Click()

    Dim ctl As MSForms.Control

    For Each ctl In Me.Controls
        Select Case TypeName(ctl)
            Case "TextBox"
                ctl.Text = ""
            Case "CheckBox", "OptionButton", "ToggleButton"
                ctl.Value = False
            Case "ComboBox", "ListBox"
                ctl.ListIndex = -1
        End Select
    Next ctl

End Sub

It doesn't repopulate the ComboBoxes and ListBoxes, just clears the selection, which is what I assume you want.

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Thanks it works brilliantly – methuselah Oct 10 '12 at 21:50

I know this question is almost 2 years old BUT I was looking for an answer like this. However, I am using Access 2010 and discovered the function did not work entirely as expected:

  • ctl can be Dim-ed simply as Control
  • For a textbox, the ctl.Text property can only be assigned to if the control has focus (use ctl.Value instead)
  • If an OptionButton is part of an OptionGroup it can not be assigned a value

So with these issues in mind, here is my rewritten function:

Private Sub resetForm()

    Dim ctl As Control ' Removed MSForms.

    For Each ctl In Me.Controls
        Select Case TypeName(ctl)
            Case "TextBox"
                ctl.value = ""
            Case "CheckBox", "ToggleButton" ' Removed OptionButton
                ctl.value = False
            Case "OptionGroup" ' Add OptionGroup
                ctl = Null
            Case "OptionButton" ' Add OptionButton
                ' Do not reset an optionbutton if it is part of an OptionGroup
                If TypeName(ctl.Parent) <> "OptionGroup" Then ctl.value = False
            Case "ComboBox", "ListBox"
                ctl.ListIndex = -1
        End Select
    Next ctl

End Sub
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You may try this:

Private Sub btnReset_Click()

    Call UserForm_Initialize

End Sub
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Your contribution would add more value to the site if you would include an explanation why your approach has advantages over the suggestions already made, years ago... – Cindy Meister Jan 22 at 18:19
Please add more explanation. This came up under review for length and content. It maybe deleted at some point if the answer is not improved. – Serguei Fedorov Jan 22 at 18:52

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