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I cant just drag and drop any image in google and get results. :)

How it is implimented .? What the idea behind the algorithm..?

Is that image data get converted to anything and search or..... no idea ..

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Surprisingly, we can also use Google to answer this question!

What is the algorithm used by Google Search by Image

It is definitely not confirmed, but I'm sure Google uses many of these techniques/ a blend of them when identifying images

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:) .. I dont think we wont get more info regarding this , until we ask to Sergey and Larry ... –  Sarath Oct 11 '12 at 10:53

I think that google images uses a 3 combined algorithm 1. detect image's deformation (by rotation, scale, illumination,...) 2. detect by the colors 3. detect by the visual similarity

and a fourth algorithm that is a secret by google (to ranking for example) ;)

(see here -> http://www.quora.com/Algorithms/What-is-the-algorithm-used-by-Google-Search-by-Image-1 )

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First of all the problem is how to search for the nearest image to the requested image (from image database). I'll show you two of the most common methods in image retrieval system

1) Global and Local Color Histogram

This article describes Color Histogram and its two main types Global and Local Color Histogram that are used in Image Comparison.

2) Color Coherence Vector

This article describes a color descriptor called Color Coherence vector (CCV). it's one of the most efficient methods in Image Retrieval

Both methods are good enough to solve your problem (step by step). Note CCV is more effective but it's harder than the first methods

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