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I am using knockout.js lib to bind data.
Let's I have next example
JSFiddle Example

I have table with data. Table have columns order -

Name - LastName - Middlename - Age
and i have 4 functions

var namePosition = function()

var lastnamePosition = function()

var middlenamePosition = function()

var agePosition = function()  

i want bind order of columns in table to values that are returned by this functions.
For example
namePosition returns 4
lastnamePosition returns 2
middlenamePosition returns 1
agePosition returns 3
then table shouls have next column order -
Middlename - LastName - Age - Name.
Have you any ideas, how can I do it? (using knockout or jquery)

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What Diodeus said is a good way to go. You can generate order array using those functions:

var order = [];
order[namePosition()] = "name";
order[lastnamePosition()] = "last";
order[middlenamePosition()] = "middle";
order[agePosition()] = "age";

// order===["middle", "last", "age", "name"]

And then set order observableArray property to your object, using aforementioned order at creation as initial value.

Last thing is to bind cells order and text to new values:

     <tr data-bind="foreach:order">
       <td data-bind="text:$root.headers[$data]"></td>
  <tbody data-bind="foreach:users">   
    <tr data-bind="foreach:$root.order">
        <td><span data-bind="text:$parent[$data]"></span></td>

Info about $root and $parent.

With current approach you can change columns order dynamically by code like this:

model.order(["name", "last", "age", "middle"])

Example here:

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You can use a simple JS array as a look-up table:

var fields = [];
fields['Name'] = 4; 
fields['LastName'] = 2;

Then use fields['Name'] instead of the numeric value in your code. No need for functions.

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I've approached from the perspective that the table will have headings and that these headings need to be re-ordered too. If this is not the case, you can probably disregard this answer entirely. :)

I'm not in the slightest familiar with Knockout - I can't be sure that this isn't a code horror.

However, this fiddle will alter the order of the columns to the one you've given in your example. The values are hard-coded, though (should it be a suitable method) It shouldn't(?) be too much trouble to work out an approach to move them to arbitrary positions.


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