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What are some good network programmer blogs? I'm especially interested in people who write about multiplayer games (MMORPG/RTS/FPS/etc), but any well written blog on the subject would be great.

Here's a good blog I found on another stackoverflow post:
Glenn Fiedler's Networking for Game Programmers
Gamasutra Blogs occasionally has articles covering network programming

PS: I'm interested in reading about anything -- from fundamentals to advanced. Preferred language is C/C++ but the more language agnostic the better. There are always gems to pick up for now or later =)

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GameArchitect is in my feed list.

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For a "bloggish" page, here GameDev.net has lots of articles to read: GameDev.net - Multiplayer and Networking

And here is a game network engine you could look at: GNE -- Game Networking Engine

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