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I created a simple module to power a payment schedule with interest as one can when buying a bank loan.

So everything is made from a form or information about the amount to stagger.

so I have a little trouble with dates, in fact, at each iteration as it must change the date payment because I made a while.

suddenly so I have a select that lets you choose the periodicity:

<select name= "pay_periodicity" required= "true">
      <option> </ option>
      <option value= "52"> Weekly </ option>                           
      <option value= "26"> Bi-Weekly </ option>
      <option value= "12"> Monthly </ option>
      <option value= "6"> Bi-Monthly </ option>
      <option value= "4"> Quarterly </ option>
      <option value= "2"> Semester </ option>
      <option value= "1"> Yearly </ option>
 </ Select>

and then I created a function to be able to iterations dates:

function periode($var)
            echo '+ $i2 week';
            echo '+ ($i2 +1) week';
            echo '+ $i2 month';
            echo '+ ($i2 +1) month';
            echo '+ ($i2 +6) month';
            echo '+ ($i2 +12) month';


of this function do the necessary level dates I choose a monthly, bi-weekly or quarterly, etc..

the problem is that the level of my loop so I put this code:

     $chaine ="
 <table style='width:100%'>
 <th>Capital Principal</th>
 <th>Date d'&eacute;ch&eacute;ance</th>
 <th>Montant de l'&eacute;ch&eacute;ance</th>
 <th>Capital restant d&ucirc;</th>
 $montant_echeance = round($montant_du / $nombre_echeances, 2);
 $reste=$montant_du ;
 while($i2 <= $nombre_echeances)

        if ($i2 == $nombre_echeances)
                $montnt_echeance = $reste;
                $reste = 0;
     $chaine .= "<tr>
      <td>".$date = date("d-m-Y",strtotime(date("Y-m-d", strtotime($debut)) .periode($pay_periodicity)))."</td>
           $reste = $reste-$montant_echeance;
$chaine .="</table>";
print "$chaine";


and this plant is that instead of interpreting the function it simply displays the date + 1 month etc.. I tried all the ways this is using the eval function or another.

I do not understand I thought it would work well,

I do not really know how to get out of this problem even if it may be simple.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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You need to clean up that code. variables should be $x, not $ x. You're also using strings incorrectly, trying to put variables into '-quoted ones, which does NOT work. –  Marc B Oct 10 '12 at 15:44
I'm sorry very much, this is when I used the translator cause my english is very bad. I've put the original code –  Stanislas Piotrowski Oct 10 '12 at 15:47

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