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Using Windows Command line with cygwin, chef and ruby installed. When trying

knife cookbook site install mysql

returns the following error

Begin output of tar zxvf D:/path/to/chef-repo/cookbooks/mysql.tar.gz  
STDERR: tar<child>: Cannot connect to D: resolve failed  
gzip: stdin: undexpected end of file  
tar: Child returned status 128  
tar:  Error is not recoverable: exiting now</code>

How can I remedy this issue? I can manually unzip using

tar zxvf mysql.tar.gz  

but this is less than ideal. I believe this has to do with the colon in filename but how can I change that in the knife or chef preferences?

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Will the tar command work if ran from cmd? Also what if the output is to a local drive. Something else try this,

tar zxvf "D:/path/to/chef-repo/cookbooks/mysql.tar.gz"
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