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I'm trying to figure out why I need to implement both of these interfaces in order to avoid deployment issues.

Java Code

public interface ExamplePlanAssembler {
   ExamplePlan toBO(ExamplePlanEntity entity);

public interface ExtendedExamplePlanAssembler 
extends ExamplePlanAssembler{
   ExtExamplePlan toBO(ExamplePlanEntity entity, ExtExamplePlanEntity extEntity);

public class ExtendedExamplePlanAssemblerImpl 
implements ExtendedExamplePlanAssembler {
   /* Method impls removed */

public class ExamplePlanServiceImpl 
implements ExamplePlanService {
   private ExamplePlanAssembler examplePlanAssembler ;
   public void setAssembler(ExamplePlanAssembler examplePlanAssembler) {
       this.examplePlanAssembler = examplePlanAssembler;

Deployment Error

|_ThreadID=83;_ThreadName=Thread-7;|Cannot resolve reference Local ejb-ref name=,Local 3.x interface =,ejb-link=null,lookup=,mappedName=,jndi-name=,refType=Session|#]

|_ThreadID=83;_ThreadName=Thread-7;|Exception while deploying the app [mycoservicesear]|#]

|_ThreadID=83;_ThreadName=Thread-7;|Cannot resolve reference Local ejb-ref name=,Local 3.x interface =,ejb-link=null,lookup=,mappedName=,jndi-name=,refType=Session
java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot resolve reference Local ejb-ref name=,Local 3.x interface =,ejb-link=null,lookup=,mappedName=,jndi-name=,refType=Session

|_ThreadID=83;_ThreadName=Thread-7;|Exception while deploying the app [mycoservicesear] : Cannot resolve reference Local ejb-ref name=,Local 3.x interface =,ejb-link=null,lookup=,mappedName=,jndi-name=,refType=Session|#]

The Fix?!

If I change my interface impl to implement not only the ExtendedExamplePlanAssembler interface, but also the parent ExamplePlanAssembler interface, my deployment error disappears. (v2)

public class ExtendedExamplePlanAssemblerImpl 
implements ExtendedExamplePlanAssembler,  ExamplePlanAssembler{
   /* Method impls removed */

The Question

Why does adding the parent interface to my implements declaration resolve deployment issues?

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EJB Spec says so,

As an example, the client views exposed by a particular session bean are not inherited by a subclass that also happens to define a session bean.

public class A implements Foo { ... }
public class B extends A implements Bar { ... }

Assuming Foo and Bar are local business interfaces and there is no associated deployment descriptor, session bean A exposes local business interface Foo and session bean B exposes local business interface Bar, but not Foo.

Reference here. Section of EJB3.1 Spec

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Your reference link didn't really point to something directly that supports your claim. I'll leave this open for a couple of days. If no one provides a better answer or you can provide a deep link to the exact wording in the spec, I'll award the answer to you. – Snekse Oct 11 '12 at 16:35
well the above text is copy of ejb 3.1 spec. search for the text...may be searc afain:-) – Maddy Oct 11 '12 at 17:15
Thanks. This link also helped a bit.… – Snekse Oct 12 '12 at 16:14
However.... the examples given don't really cover my case. The examples are of class inheritance with each class specifying a different interface. In my example, I have Interface inheritance with the class implementing the child interface. Minor difference. – Snekse Oct 12 '12 at 16:17

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