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I am new to microcontrollers, and I am trying to read external ADC values. Initially I have to setup ADC registers. I am using SPI communication to read ADC values. I am using AD7798 ADC. I have checked some registers are not configured. To configure registers in ADC AD7798, I have to use the communication register to select which register I want to configure. For example, I want to set configuration register (16-bit) of AD7798. I have written it like this:

#include <io.h> 
#define ADC_CS PORTB.3 
#define WG_CS  PORTB.4 
#define MOSI   PORTB.5 
#define MISO_PU PORTB.6 
#define MISO_PIN PINB.6 
#define SCK    PORTB.7 

//global functions.
unsigned int adcConfig;
unsigned int adcMode;
unsigned int adcId;

void init_io(void) 
DDRB = 0xBF;        // make SCK, MOSI, CS1, CS2 outputs 
ADC_CS = 1;              //disable ADC 
WG_CS = 1;               //disable WaveGenerator 
MISO_PU = 1;             //enable pull-up on MISO so we can test !RDY 

unsigned char spi(unsigned char data) 
//Start transmision 
SPDR = data; 
//Wait for transmision complete 
while (!(SPSR & (1<<SPIF))); 
return SPDR; 

unsigned int ReadAdIdReg(void) 

SPCR = 0x5D;  
ADC_CS = 0;          
while (MISO_PIN != 0) ; 
adcId = spi(0xFF);    
ADC_CS = 1;
 return adcId; 

when I print configuration register it is giving value"16383". but when I power off/on the target i am getting "1808(which is equivalent to 0x0710)" after that it is giving same value as"16383". I have tested with different configurations also but it is not changing, always printing "16383" except power off/on.I think default value.

Even with mode register it is always printing"10(which is equivalent to 0x000A)" but that is the value i am getting always, even if I change the configuration to "0x0022".

Even I have tried to read Id register, but it is giving "0x48". but in data sheet it mentioned "0xX8" for AD7798.

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When reading the register, the follwoing code (as posted) makes no sense: ReadAdConfReg(); printf("configreg:%d",adcConfig); - adcConfig is local to ReadAdConfReg(). So either this code wouldn't compile, or you're printing out an adcConfig variable that has nothing to do with the one in ReadAdConfReg(). – Michael Burr Oct 10 '12 at 17:14
Also, first get the reading of the register working - it power on resets to 0x0710. Until you can read that value after a reset, you shouldn't worry too much about writing to the register. – Michael Burr Oct 10 '12 at 17:18
@MichaelBurr I have declared adcConfig as global varial. Sorry for wrong post. – verendra Oct 10 '12 at 18:53
Can you put a scope or a logic analyzer on the SPI lines? It's always nice to know how the signals are actually reacting to the code. For example is the SPI clock polarity and phase correct? – Michael Burr Oct 10 '12 at 19:29
I'm not seeing any update with scope images. – Michael Burr Oct 13 '12 at 0:40



must be wrong, it simply shifts the return value of the spi() function, a result which is then thrown away.

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Ok then please suggest me how to set ADC configuration register – verendra Oct 10 '12 at 16:09

If I'm correct in assuming that:

  • the spi() function writes a single byte on the SPI interface
  • the interface is MSB first

then you don't need the left-shift...

 void setupADC(unsigned char configReg){
     spi(0x10);        // register address (including R/Wb bit?)
     spi(0x07);        // data MSB
     spi(0x10);        // data LSB

I'm not sure how the spi() function is used for read and write. Do you have any links to documentation on this?

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