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I have a view that can be accessed by multiple controllers. For the most part, they display the same information, but this information is tweaked slightly from one controller to the next. I need a way to distinguish which controller is being used at any given moment. I do this by declaring an "@context" variable in the controller, such as:

@context = "index"


@context = "show"

I can then easily check within the view which controller is being used. For instance:

<% if @context == "index" %>
<% elsif @context == "show %>
<% end %>

However, this feels hacky, and I'm certain there's a cleaner solution. Does anyone know of one?

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You can use controller_name and action_name helpers, e.g.

<%= controller_name %>
<%= action_name %>
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Perfect! That's exactly what I needed. –  nullnullnull Oct 10 '12 at 16:25

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