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I've two DateTime variable regardless of which is greater than the other in time.

Datetime date1, date2;

How should I find the positive difference of both on "days" basis?

(date1-date2) might give positive/negative result but I also need the no: of days difference.

Assume both are on the same TimeZone

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double days = Math.Abs((date1-date2).TotalDays);
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If you want an (unsigned) integer value:


If you want an (unsigned) double value:

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Just use the Days property on the timespan (which is the resulting type from date1 - date2). It returns a signed int.

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You could try:

Math.Abs((dateA - dateB).Days);

or if you want the result to be fractional:

Math.Abs((dateA - dateB).TotalDays);
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