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I have been drawing in 2D for a while. I want to start expanding my experience with graphics by learning to draw in 3D.
Is there 3D drawing potential with Graphics?
What is a good resource for beginner 3D drawers?
Finally, is Java even the best resource to draw in 3D?

Thanks guys, any and all input is very much appreciated.

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Please explain what you mean by "drawing in 3D". Like you use a pencil and a paper, just in 3D? Or create 3D meshes? Voxel bodies? Use a 3D primitive based approach like when dealing with Persistence of Vision scenes? –  ppeterka Oct 10 '12 at 16:32
Thanks for the comment. I wasn't sure exactly how to explain what I'm after. I would like to start with primitives (I think that may be the same as 3D meshes). After I get some of the lower level experience, I would like to start using models in 3D. –  Brandon Oct 10 '12 at 16:47
Ok, I was just not clear on this. @lynks is right, JOGL seems to be a good way to start with 3D and Java, though I would rather start with learning 3D basics before jumping into that headfirst, but I might be on a conservative side regarding this (I don't know what your knowledge level on this topic is, I'd start looking at Shading and 3D projection, not to mention Transformation matrices to have a strong foundation). –  ppeterka Oct 10 '12 at 17:01
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Java is great for 3D. It has low-level bindings into openGL in the form of JOGL. There is a suitable tutorial for getting started here.

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